Càphê Roasters

Smith & Diction
Càphê Roasters is a coffee shop that wants everyone to know just how delicious Vietnamese coffee is. As Philly’s first and only Vietnamese coffee roaster, Càphê was looking for a packaging update that more closely reflects who they are—a proudly Asian-American business working to bring people together, one cup of cà phê at a time.
I created a packaging program that reflects this vision of a more inclusive, more open coffee community. Inspired by the colorful streets of Hanoi, the new system embraces a broad spectrum of hues. Each variety has its own colorway and playful forms, so customers can spot their favorite right off the shelf. The sides are the best part—abstracted from the terraced rice fields of Sapa, the pattern references the beautiful landscapes of Vietnam while adding a surprising pop of color to the entire system.
The result is a vibrant and delightful packaging solution that’s less about closing doors and more about opening them—to more diverse, wider coffee experiences and to those we share them with.

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