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Sam Oberter
The folks at Philatuner Piano Works understand that pianos are more than just physical instruments—for their owners, they are repositories of joyous memories and centers for music-making. That’s why founder and head technician Tom Rudnitsky goes to amazing ends to ensure that each piano entering the workshop receives an expert level of care. From 110-year old Steinways to pre-war Knabes, each piano is restored like new. A business with that degree of consideration deserves a visual identity to match.
I designed an identity system that translates the workshop’s attention to  detail and personable service into a visual expression that would preserve as the brand continued its growth. Inspired by the materials and geometry of pianos themselves, the system communicates precision, elegance, and charm. And as a final thank-you to the clients who placed their pianos in Philatuner’s care, I designed a gifted booklet that invites viewers to assume the technician’s point of view—with each page highlighting a set of piano parts that contributes to its entire whole.

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